Pilates Breathing – lateral thoracic breathing

Knowing how to take a full, deep breath is true life skill. Its a very important process that some people find difficult at first. When doing Pilates exercises we engage the deep abdominals and so it is important to fucus the breathing into the rib area. This is called lateral thoracic breathing. It focuses the mind, release tension, and ebabling you to maintain the contraction of the transverus abdominis and keep the shoulders stablised. Image

A full breath cycle spreads life-giving oxygen throughout the body, gets rid of waste gasses like carbon dioxide, and stimulates the spine and internal organs.


Place both hands on your ribs, with the heels of your hands at the side of the rib cage and your middle fingers meeting in the middle.

Breath in – focus the breathing into the ribcage and feel the sides and back of the ribcage expand and your fingertips come apart.

Breat out – feel the ribcage move back towards the middle, bringing your fingertips back together.

Avoid lifting the shoulders and creating tension in the neck and shoulders.

Sarah Pennicott

Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor